Showing Up

Image Credit: Jason Dent

Sunday March 24, 12:44pm – Coronado, CA Greetings from not so sunny California! Coming from Chicago, you can imagine my distress over the fact that it’s been chilly, windy and rainy the past two days. Now, I did leave a snowstorm and I’m looking at a blue sky with big puffy clouds and palm trees, […]

Willpower vs. Self Respect

Thursday February 18,  11:26am – Chicago A warm hello to you today! In a Zoom call the other night for the fitness/nutrition program I am in, one of the ladies asked our coach about willpower. His answer was not surprising to me, because I’ve been around awhile and know well his thoughts on self-control and […]

The Honesty Mirror

Thursday February 8,  8:08am – Chicago Hello again, ‘What is my problem? Why do I feel so ungrateful? What is wrong with me?’– those questions and admonitions have been swirling around my head constantly these past few days. On the outside, my life is looking better than ever. My vision and purpose are becoming clearer […]


Friday February 2,  9am – Chicago Hello my friend, Timing – I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. It’s the part of life we can’t control, yet THE crucial element in the direction life takes. I have spent a lot of my life believing my timing sucked; that I had missed the boat, that […]


Thursday February 1, – 4:56pm, Chicago Hello my friend, Greetings on this warm-ish February day. It’s almost 50˚and the sun is shining, yay! This is the first in what I sincerely hope will be a long series of letters I write to share thoughts, musings, memories, triumphs, and struggles on my journey to a healthy, […]