Thursday February 1, – 4:56pm, Chicago

Hello my friend,

Greetings on this warm-ish February day. It’s almost 50˚and the sun is shining, yay! This is the first in what I sincerely hope will be a long series of letters I write to share thoughts, musings, memories, triumphs, and struggles on my journey to a healthy, joy-filled second half of my life.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline Marie Laurencelle and I have been the “fat girl” almost all my life. Whether I was 5 being called “fatolin”, 15 being told, “ If you lose 20 lbs., you’d be so pretty and the boys would like you”, or 35 and feeling mortified having to ask the airline attendant for a seatbelt extender, my weight has been a constant battle.

For many people “fat” is a relative term, and it’s even become one not allowed to be uttered these days. It’s also a term whose definition has changed over the years. All I need to do is look at pictures of my younger self to know that concept couldn’t be truer. If only I had stayed that fat… but we will get into that in more detail in future letters.

And one can’t talk about being fat without talking about food. It is essential for life and yet can cause death. It has been my refuge and my nemesis, It has both fueled and poisoned my body. It has been the source of great emotional pain, and literally the main ingredient for my creative gifts to be expressed.

I’d like to share with you a bit about why I am here, what my plans are, and invite you to become a part of the journey. About a year ago I had a life-changing experience when I could barely move for almost 3 days after walking down several flights of stairs. At 52, I was way too young to feel so old. More details of the story are on the transformation page (insert link).

This website, the new show Jacqueline Cooks, and my social media channels (insert) are where I will connect, inspire, teach, share, and yes, even challenge you to live life more fully. A life of greater joy in your heart, positive thoughts in your mind, and a stronger body all fueled by healthy food on your table that is both sexy and delicious. Come along, it’s going to be a tasty ride!

Until next time, remember, each day is an opportunity to create the best you and to build a life that is delicious by design–