Jacqueline's Transformation Journey

Jacqueline's Transformation Journey

How did a backpack, dogs, and some stairs initiate my transformation journey?

I have lots to tell, so grab a cuppa and read on.

It was April 5, 2023, the day before my 52nd birthday and there was a fire in my condo building. When we evacuated, I had to walk down 20 flights of stairs with a backpack and my two dogs. The next day, and for several afterward, I could barely move just from walking down stairs, not up – DOWN… Something HAD to change.

I said to myself that even if I never lost one ounce and stayed 236 lbs for the rest of my life, I was going to exercise because I wasn’t getting any younger, and I never wanted to be that sore again from trying to engage in basic day-to-day activities.

So it began…

I started working out for 30 minutes a day with a very beginner program, and soon after added intermittent fasting. After 3 months, and a 20 lb weight loss, I joined Steve Burton’s M3 program for women in July 2023.

M3 emphasizes the mind, body, and spirit connection offering specific tools and resources to strengthen and expand one’s mindset—something no other “diet” I’d been on had ever addressed. I signed up the very same night Steve offered a public Zoom call because of his opening remark, “Your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die.” And I have never looked back.

Fast-forward to today, and I am over 70 lbs lighter. I left an unhealthy relationship, and I am fulfilling a dream to serve others by sharing my journey.

I am honored to teach you how to cook healthy food that is both delicious and sexy and share with you my daily commitment to creating a strong mind, body, and spirit. I promise you, you can transform your life and create the human being you want to be. Is it going to take lots of hard work? Yep. Will life seem to conspire against you? Double yep. Will you struggle and want to give up at times? YES. But is the person and the life you can create worth it? More than words can say…

Enjoy my recipes and love letters to you, and together let’s build a life that is delicious by design!